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Thanks for stopping by!   As I make items, I'll list them on Etsy either as beads, here or dice bags, here. I've been more into sewing at the moment, but the studio remains at the ready at a moment's notice to burst into twirling molten glass around to my pyromaniac heart's content.

Three sizes, some of my favorites shown.

Halloween 2016
That awkward moment when you want to go trick-or-treating, but the candy's bigger than you are... And then, despite you and your friends guarding your treasure, the photographer steals it anyway.  Phooey.

Halloween Tricks
October 2016
"Oh, you're still here?  Thanks for keeping us company!"  -Geddy Lee, Rush
The coupon code on the business card from last year is still active and will last through the end of this year. 
I've been working on a project with progress documented on Facebook to empty one glass bowl of glass shorts and fill another glass bowl of beads. Just shy of 2 months, later, I succeeded.
Bead Bowl!
Elephants. It's all about the elephants.
Loads of listings this week! Beads! Earrings! Dice bags! Oh, the fun...
Happy New Year! It'll take a while to get used to writing 14 on my updates, it always does... New listings will appear on Sunday. I've been really enjoying my new peace sign press, so look forward to some of those.
...and to all a good night...
New dice bags, new beads both on Etsy looking for homes! Not enough of either listed for my liking, but I'll try to make up for that this week. AND a wonderful hike!

New listings everywhere! Music fueled a fantastic torch session last night...
Welcome to the new year! New listings everywhere today! Thanks so much for stopping by. This is my favorite new bead - just for me. I do so love Opus...


Be safe and smart on New Year's Eve - I'd like to know you're all still with me on the flip side of midnight, ok?

As ever, thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm.
...and to all a good night...
Happy Halloween! Even Vader gets treats in the studio... New beads everywhere shortly, and pate de verre frit beads in the kiln - a new adventure, I can't wait to see how they turn out...

1 week later, loads of studio rearranging... And still not quite there. I torched last night and have plans to do more of the same today and tomorrow - listings will be on Tuesday this week. It's a beautiful crisp fall day, Luna and I were taking a moment to enjoy it.

Ninja Kitty

New listings here and Etsy this week, eBay auctions start at 9pm Nikki time as usual! Two of my favorites - a stoned sheep and stoned peace sheep. Awwww...

Give Fleece A Chance!

I tried blowing shards again - it wasn't quite as fun as when Sheryll and I exploded one, but the results do look terribly silly... Need a bit more practice on that!

Silvered Ivory. Of course...

New beads here, there, and everywhere! Also... Isn't this the cutest little ghost dinosaur you've ever seen?

I really, really like this Halloween bead - a dinosaur decided to dress as a ghost, but there were a few issues. First, it's tough to find a sheet big enough for a dinosaur. Second... He's kinda afraid of the dark... Hence, a dinosaur with a sheet draped over him, hoping you'll realize he's a ghost, and hoping nothing scary will come after him. Like an Ice Age.
Rainbow theme in the studio this week - I think I'll continue it, it's been quite fun!


A quick shot of the studio....


My life is blessed, thank you to everyone who has helped make it so.
Still playing with Bullseye glass, so addictive...

Gone Fishin'

A moment of silence and gratitude this Memorial Day weekend... Prayers for peace to all the fallen veterans, and thanks to all who served, past and present.
No matter what I say, it's irrelevant in comparison to the awesomeness of sumo wrestling lentil critters...


One of my favorites of the week is this bright blue lizard.

Wheeeee! A very early start tonight - coffee is great! - for Sunday listings. Also, here's what rare, mystical Ocean Green turns into...


Sheryll came over and played last night - always a great time! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop.
I made some tiny, wee baby hippos, and was completely impressed with myself by the detail, and size, and... Then I put them next to Maybeads' hippo and realized again how amazing her work is. :)

New listings everywhere, thanks for stopping in! One of my favorites for the week is this bright blue frog, perched on a multi-green leaf bead.

How have I not made baby manatees before now? They're incredibly adorable - trust me, I know cute...

My new favorite bead is a seal balancing a ball on his nose. The manatee is super impressed, can you tell? (The seal will be launching on eBay tonight, and the manatee is waiting for adoption on Etsy.)

Welcome 2012! I wish everyone a peaceful and healthy new year.
...and to all a good night...
Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for my work - feedback, emails, purchases - it means more than I can say. New beads will premiere next week, on New Year's Day, to start the year off right!
New items here, there, and everywhere! Check out my new favorite studio mascots - plastic dinos!


Listings here and Etsy, eBay will launch on Tuesday. (This is starting to get predictable, isn't it?) Thanks so much for stopping by and all of your support!

Frog on Etsy...

Listings here and Etsy, eBay to follow Tuesday! I mixed a wonderful blue-green color and used it for multiple beads this week, including this set I adore that I just listed on Etsy.

From the edge of the deep green sea...

I found a wonderful dinosaur hiding in my Vetrofond Painted Desert glass this week, he amuses me greatly... (And seriously, a $3 pack of plastic dinos to model for me was an awesome business expense!)

A moment of silence...
I was lucky enough to enjoy a class with Holly Cooper, queen of HotHead stringer control last week. Here are my humble results:

Another student was Ali, whose work I have admired for years... If you have a moment, check out her Etsy and throw a heart her way - her beads are incredible.
I will have new listings here and Etsy today, and on eBay Tuesday. Thanks, as ever, for stopping in!
(By Tuesday, of course I mean Thursday... The week is slipping away, and it's just begun!)
More Bullseye this week! I also broke into my stash of bead caps and capped an ivory bead that was just begging for extra attention. The bead caps shown are courtesy of Bead Addicts, be sure to check them out!
I decided to break into my stash of Bullseye glass this week - a different range of colors than my normal 104 COE, and quite lovely. My absolute favorite part is the amazingy sparkly greens. Sheryll & I also tried a much-hated Bullseye color, Superman, to see if we could make something fun with it. I think we both succeeded admirably.

I had a wonderful time last weekend learning how to work glass in the traditional Venetian way with Emilio Santini. The ladies at Indy Flame Art are gracious hostesses, the time flew too quickly! An example is below - we learned to make the horse and I extended it to the winged dinosaur who seems to be stalking him. (Look, Mom, no mandrels!)

Starting a bit early this week - Etsy and here have new beads, eBay will launch at the same bead-time, same bead-channel on Sunday evening. On a side note, I'm delighted with the wealth of flowers currently... Isn't this one lovely?

I cleaned the studio and I can't do a thing with it - perhaps the creative clutter was more productive after all! Hence, there will be listings on Etsy and eBay, but none here this week.

The Force is strong in this studio, yes...

I hope my groupies in America are having a peaceful and safe 4th of July weekend, and everyone else is enjoying their weekend as well! Another T-Rex stomped onto the scene with a helper dino - poor fellow's arms are too short to reach anything - he and other friends will be headed to Etsy, eBay, and here shortly! I'll also be sending out my newsletter showing how to make my eyes today, be sure to sign up if you haven't already!

Beads everywhere! Revisited the turqoise and brown theme again, plus silver cored big hole beads everywhere. :)

New beads will be on Etsy today, and eBay Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by! Loads of roses and tutus this week - too, too cute.

Tutu, tutu cute?

Late to the party, but working on it... Listings will be up here and Etsy as soon as I can this fine evening, and eBay will launch with a turquoise party on Tuesday!

New beads here, there, and everywhere... A trio of pirates tried to take over the studio, I hustled them to Etsy instead...

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks to all the Moms who have helped me along my path - natural and adopted both count.
More beads everywhere - one of my favorites is this blue shragon, arms extended for a hug.

We're welcoming spring here, with rain resulting in gorgeous flowers and trees starting to turn to leaves... Finally. New listings everywhere, and plans to torch more tonight for next week... Ahhh, glassy peace.

Sorry for the late updates, it was too nice of a day to waste. A trip to the zoo was in order - along with the rest of the city, I think, it was packed! I got to see one of my favorite wild animals in action - a squirrel trying to cool down from the sudden 80 degree weather.

Squirrely Wrath!

Kay was the mailing list winner for the octopus pair! I'll continue doing more of those randomly, so please sign up! Beads everywhere today, plus a quick photo of beads I made for a charm exchange... And I say I don't have the patience to make sets, ha...

New beads, score! I'm especially fond of a frog on a kite that's on eBay... And an adventure photo in the meantime...

Updates for all 3 sites will be Tuesday this week, due to adventure...

Thanks for for the awesome comic.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'd like to share my new favorite style - silver cored heart focals.

I'm delighted with the batch of beads I'm offering this week - things of such beauty! Roses, an organic goddess, an ivory lizard wrapped around a heart rich with silver... Then the damn hippies showed up, reeking of patchouli, to see what I was doing...

In truth, I like hippies. And patchouli.

I got hooked on making silver cored beads again this week... Don't they look nice all in a row?

Fresh listings here and Etsy, thank you so much for stopping by! eBay will start on Tuesday. I found another hippie sheep hiding in the studio, they were tye-dying her wool...
...and to all a good night...
There will be no new items until the New Year... I do have a fully stocked Etsy and plenty of fun items on the site, as well as items closing on eBay this evening. Thank you for stopping by, and to my "groupies," thank you for your enthusiasm and support - it means the world to me.
I experimented with and found some large hole critters - dinos and snails so far, gathered around a Christmas tree.

Dinos, snails, and a tree, OH MY!

A sneak preview of eBay's listings this week... We're putting the band back together...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the people who have made a positive impact in my life to help me be the person I am today... For friends, for family (two and four-legged), and peace...
A beautiful, crisp fall day here. I'm enjoying the bright leaves still clinging to the trees against a serene blue sky. I've played around a bit with Anna's flat cats and turned them into my own... Here's a sneak preview - one will be on eBay and one on Etsy soon.

I want to keep the black one, he's adorable...

New beads, hooray! Working my way through my Sunday routine of enjoying coffee (mmm, coffee) while listing here, there, and everywhere. Christmas is starting to make it's way into my studio, like this silly penguin complete with a holly murrini.

Christmas Penguin!

Thank you to all veterans (and current military) for your service, on Veteran's Day and every day... You deserve more than 24 hours of appreciation...
Happy Halloween! I'm celebrating by... listing beads. What else would I be doing on a Sunday? I want to share a shop of a lampwork friend, Mallory, who makes wonderful shards, murrini, and beads. I used her shards on a lizard bead that I'm really proud of and want to share.
Yay for shards!
Ahhh... It's good to be back. Beads here, eBay, and Etsy... And how about another Detroit Zoo pic? Thanks again for all of your support and enthusiasm for my work.

No beads this week, with my apologies - I ran off for an adventure instead. The Detroit Zoo included some fierce and wonderful animals - like squirrels. (Squirrels always fascinate me, even though I know they're "rodents with good PR.")

Squirrely wrath!

Beads, beads, everywhere... Etsy has some sale items before they expire, I'm just starting listing everywhere, and the Beatles inspired a new bead - sing along, everyone!
All we are saying...
Is give sheep a chance...

Peace Sheep

Halloween beads are addictive to make... Just sayin'...

Halloween! Again!

Halloween's getting nearer, did you notice? The critters did, and found a pumpkin theme this week...

Pumpkin Party - I really like the turtle!

I'm updating early in the day this week, just past midnight, out of sheer excitement for my Halloween troupe. eBay will feature ghosts, pumpkins, and my favorite set in a long while...

It's been a fun and hectic few weeks, visiting with friends, stopping by the Akron Zoo... They have jellyfish, one did a graceful somersault to show off...

Akron Zoo jellyfish dancing...


Luna displaying a skirt I bought just because it looks like frit...


Sterling Silver Cored Beads

Silver coring beads is addictive... Consider yourself fairly warned. The Gelly/Anna challenges are moving to Etsy, and I'm working on loading up here, there, and everywhere currently. Thanks for stopping by!

Lori & Kim murrini tattoos on a hippo & pig.

I got hooked on Lori & Kim's murrini... They'll be appearing quite a lot in this week's auctions and site beads, a riot of fun colors and patterns. If you're a beadmaker, check them out!
No eBay auctions this week, I'll start fresh on Sunday with TWO themes for Anna, Gelly & I. (Very exciting!) I listed a few beads here, and hope to have more on Sunday as well. Thank you so much for stopping by... Spring is here, as shown by my daffodil army.

Daffodil Army

Not to get anyone too worked up, but an entire troupe of critter ballerinas will be dancing their way to eBay tonight....

Glassy Ballerinas...

Floral week, with a fun crowd to celebrate. The large hippo is checking out the goddess... Weird little beads I make...

Flowers and glass, ahhh...

I forgot just how much theme weeks amuse me... Tropical means a hula, which means the pig really isn't stoked about being the guest of honor... I hope next week isn't fire or food...

No animals were harmed in the making of this theme week. Honest.

Have I mentioned recently how much my eBay feedback delights me? Thank you to my wonderful bidders.
We took a wonderful field trip to Columbus yesterday to check
out the dual Chilhuly exhibits at the Conservatory and Art Museum - I highly recommend them, it's possible to be lost in color...

Chihuly Overhead Installation

Late to the party with the announcement, but the theme for Anna, Gelly, and I this week is St. Patrick's Day. My group got together for a shot before they started a brawl in the drawer... Glass beads shouldn't fight, I had to separate them...

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the studio!

...and to all a good night...
Thank you, all of you, for your support and kindness. I wish you the happiest of holidays, whichever you celebrate, and peace - always peace.
"Maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you're hurt and who help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they're always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. Maybe worth dying for, too, if that's what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with; people who build their houses in your heart." -Stephen King

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